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food floats

We think that there are two things you and your family like the most: hanging out next to the pool and food. If we're right, then you’ll love what we have in stock for you! Amazing Food shaped floats! With them, you’re going to be easily the life of the neighborhood pool party with some insane food pool floats? If you haven’t heard already, food floaties are the newest trend in the world of floats and these designs are absolutely flat-out cool!

Pool visits can get a bit boring if you’re just swimming around. However, with food shaped pool floats, you can add a brand new dimension to these special occasions and your kids will love every minute of it!

Apart from them having tons of fun, you yourself can also benefit from these enormous rubber food items! Have you ever read your favorite book or magazine on a giant rubber pizza on the water while drinking your favorite iced tea?

As you can see, the only thing you’ve been missing all these years are food pool floats! Get yours now, look around our online store! We have Doughnut Floats, Cherry Floats, Pineapple Floats, PIzza Floats, Ice Cream Floats, Watermelon Floats, Pretzel Floats, and Lemon Floats.

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