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Animal Inflatables and Floats

Your child had tons of fun with his or her bath toys or rubber ducky when he or she was a toddler. A few years may have passed but the passion can still be the same. How about a unicorn? A giant swan? Your kids will be the life of the neighborhood pool party when you guys show up with these inflatable animal floats!

Honestly, while pool days are fun, if you don’t spice it up with something extra, the experience can get pretty stale and repetitive. So, stop that from happening and grab a few animal pool floats to get the most out of your well-deserved day off by the pool!

It goes without saying, your kids will absolutely love these floats and will have tons of fun each and every time they use them. They're a lot of fun for adults too! How do you feel about floating around on these inflatables while reading and sipping on a drink while enjoying the warm sun?

It does sound pretty enticing right?

Browse our catalog of inflatable giant pool animals and buy the ones you know you'll love! We have Flamingo Floats, Turtle Floats, Whale Floats, Toucan Floats, Swan Floats, Giraffe Floats and Unicorn Floats.

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