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Best Inflatable Pool Floats for Adults – Reviews

Apr 16, 2018
Best Inflatable Pool Floats for Adults – Reviews

Do you find yourself daydreaming about the summer much too often? If that’s the case, know this – you’re not alone. It’s been a long winter in many parts of the world, and most of us are pretty much ready to fast-forward to summer days of basking in the sunshine, cold drink in hand, and happily doing nothing.

Summer comes with moments of utter bliss; that is, if you have the tools to enjoy it (otherwise you’re just sweating, right?). That’s where pool floats come in, as the ultimate companions to all waterside gatherings. They’re weird, they can be ridiculous (which is most welcome) and they’re sure to make a splash amongst your friends, pun intended. But most importantly, they let you float the day away blissfully, feeling like a child once again. Floaties are pure fun for children and adults alike – perhaps even more for adults because we truly know to appreciate their glory. They’re a great break when water activities get too repetitive, which, let’s admit it, is bound to happen. You can only swim so many laps until you’re ready to plop down on your floatie and lounge in any given position. Not just that, but they simply bring more fun into the whole experience, whether you’re vacationing with family or friends, and you’ll be sure to catch a hot tan without having to sweat away on the beach or by the pool. For those of us with kids, they’re a much, much-needed accessory – both for catching a break and getting some quality time together while keeping your children safe.

Summer of 2018 – here we come, ready to treat ourselves and have the best time ever. Floats seem to be getting more fun each year, and there’s something for everyone, whether you’re looking for a smaller float to glide around on or a bigger one that will keep you dry as the water carries you. For all of you mermaids and mermen out there, here’s a compilation of the best inflatable pool floats for adults.


  1. Enormous Inflatable Flamingo Pool Float 2018 Edition
  2. Colorful Swan Inflatable Float [Limited Edition]
  3. Inflatable Royal Unicorn Swimming Ring
  4. Cute Black Whale Summer Float with Cartoonish Eyes
  5. Inflatable Donut Floats in 3 Delicious Colors
  6. Inflatable Giant Pepperoni Pizza Slice Pool Float
  7. Swimming Pool Inflatable Ice Cream Popsicle
  8. Giant Inflatable Eggplant Emoji Pool Float - Ride-on
  9. Flamingo Can Holder Float for Parties
  10. Inflatable Multicolored Water Walking Ball
  11. Conclusion


Enormous Inflatable Flamingo Pool Float 2018 Edition

Go big or go home, right? Enormous is the word, and if you’re looking for a super comfortable water lounger that won’t go unnoticed, this is the one for you. It measures 190cm (75in) so you can get really comfortable on it without touching the water at all – or dip your feet like a pro and feel the envy of all present as the water splashes you just enough. You can turn 360 degrees on this one and switch positions as much as you like; it never gets tiring. It’s also large enough to invite a lucky companion, or glide kids around on it without getting tired because its wings provide a great arm rest. Not to mention, who doesn’t love a giant pink flamingo? And don’t be fooled that it’s meant for girls only; because let’s be honest, seeing a guy basking in the sun on a giant pink flamingo beats even the most beautiful summer sunset.



Colorful Swan Inflatable Float [Limited Edition]

Much like the enormous flamingo, this inflatable float is for those looking to glide away in comfort. It’s perfect for tanning and resting from swimming, and it’s an absolute showstopper. Giant vinyl swans make for some of the most popular inflatable floats, because, well, swans. It’s just so much fun to rest on this beautiful vinyl creature which is sure to dominate a large portion of your summer photos, and rightfully so. This one is also designed beautifully, with playful patterns and alternating colors, and a cushy pink platform. It can host more than one person (did we mention that it’s giant?) and it is possibly the vacationing accessory that’s set out to own this summer as one of the best pool floats for adults. It’s easily inflated and deflated so you don’t have to worry about carrying it around – everything is made with practicality, comfort, and playfulness in mind.



Inflatable Royal Unicorn Swimming Ring

Swimming rings are great for hot days when you want to stay in the water but get too tired to keep yourself afloat; you can easily squeeze your body through them and catch a decent break without having to dry up. Perfect for hot summer days! Also, they’re on the cheaper side compared to another lounger, so you can save some bucks and still get the ideal floatie. The Unicorn swimming ring has a diameter of 110cm so you can either glide around with this royal creature (get that leg workout going!) or plop on it and rest with your feet in the water. The unicorn head makes it really practical compared to just a plain inflatable ring because you can use it for extra support when in the half-seated position. It’s also a great accessory for those who’re not very confident with swimming – don’t worry, you’ll get there, just let the glorious unicorn guard you.


Cute Black Whale Summer Float with Cartoonish Eyes

Have you ever gone whale-watching? Well, it’s a breathtaking sight for sure, but you can bring the magnificent creature to your summer gathering in a playful way with this cute float. It is durable and sturdy, plus you can easily inflate and deflate it multiple times. It’s large enough to accommodate you and a small child for some bonding time in the water. There are sturdy handles to hold on to, and if you’re bringing a child along, they’ll have support and safety as you guard the back and the fin guards the front – your child can hold on to it and have no fear, however small he or she is. The sides provide good support for feet. Overall, it’s a really fun accessory to bring along and ride the wave, and it can be used individually by older children too. And the eyes are just so cute!



Inflatable Donut Floats in 3 Delicious Colors

The donut pool floats are simple, extremely practical, and not to mention – they look delicious! They bring more fun into the water yet they’re great if you’d rather stay on the less conspicuous side…but not be overly modest. With a diameter of 107cm, they’re quite large and can fit anyone, or more than one child when you’re ready to lend them your floatie. They’re ideal for resting your upper body and gliding by just using your legs, staying in one place and cooling down, or resting on them comfortably with your feet in the water. The donut pool floats come in three delicious colors so you can choose your favorite according to your tastes – or get all three so there’s no envy amongst the family members. They’re all made to look like a big bite was taken out of them, and indeed, that chocolate one looks particularly delicious and ready to bite into.



Inflatable Giant Pepperoni Pizza Slice Pool Float

We’ve officially moved into the domain of delicious-looking floaties, and now we’re talking! If you love pizza (and who doesn’t, right), show your love with this giant inflatable pool float in the form of a yummy pizza slice. It looks like it came straight out of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, only with some shrimp as an extra, and, well, it’s made of vinyl so no ninja turtles will be getting a bite out of your vacationing accessory. This is a really great option amongst the lounging inflatables because it’s on the cheaper side yet very large and comfortable. More than one person can lie down on it or you can have it all to yourself, spread your arms and work on that tan. You can really stay on this for hours, read a magazine while tanning, or turn on your stomach and paddle away using your hands.



Swimming Pool Inflatable Ice Cream Popsicle

What can be more reminiscent of summer fun than a giant Popsicle pool float? When you’re not eating ice cream by the water, you can show your love for it with this lovely and practical inflatable. It’s large and comfortable for lying down and tanning or you can even sit on it with your legs in the water to cool off. If you lie down on your stomach with your head on the stick part, you can sink your arms into the water comfortably and enjoy the cool splash like you own the summer. It comes in rainbow colors to spark up the view and it’s very reasonably priced as one of the most versatile and practical floats. It is sturdy and inflated very quickly, and also very practical for carrying around outside of the water. Once you deflate it, you can fold it multiple times and pack it neatly inside a bag without taking up much space.



Giant Inflatable Eggplant Emoji Pool Float - Ride-on

Have you ever been baffled by a text to the point of replying with a random food emoji? Or do you maybe like to use an emoji in your conversations wherever possible as a replacement for the actual word? If you find yourself amongst one of us who know to appreciate a good emoji, this inflatable eggplant pool float is just the right one to carry along this summer. Either way, even if you don’t care much for the subtle hilarity that emojis can so spectacularly convey, this giant inflatable pool float is one of the most fun and practical ones you’ll find this year. It is made of durable vinyl and can withstand the test of time – you can try that out yourself. Along with the niftily-placed handles, this float is designed with support for the feet (or knees) in mind, so you can count on a fun ride. It also fits more than one person! 



Flamingo Can Holder Float for Parties

The can holder float is probably the single favorite accessory for fun-loving adults looking to party it up in the pool. Just picture it – you and your friends, great music, sunshine, and when you go in for a dip, there’s a refreshing drink waiting for you. No need to get out at all, right? These tiny floats can also host your phone or waterproof camera so you can snap pics any time you want and put the gadget away (provided, of course, you’re careful and reasonable so there are no mishaps). This set comes with 50 pieces of tiny can holders shaped like flamingos, and it’s adorable to see them bobbing on the surface of the water, serving their purpose and helping make the party an unforgettable one. It’s in high demand for bachelorette parties and various gatherings, so make sure to get yours in time well ahead of your gathering.



Inflatable Multicolored Water Walking Ball

The inflatable water walking ball is among the pricier water accessories, but it’s obviously worth every penny because it just screams fun. At a diameter of 2.5m, it is giant and ready to host an individual who’s eager to perform some acrobatics. The water walking ball is really great because it’s sure to shatter away any lethargy or repetition from your vacation lounging. You can spend hours trying to balance inside it; at first, you’ll fail miserably but you won’t be able to stop laughing while at it, and with time, you’ll get better and navigate the ball like a pro, at the envy of your companions. It’s a really great and fun workout when you get tired of just lounging or doing the same thing over and over again. It’s fun for all present, and let’s be honest – you’re likely to just sit inside it at some point and embrace the cocooned feeling of floating inside a giant ball.




So we’ve covered some of the favorite pool floats for adults that are sure to be a hit this summer, and there’s no doubt there’s something for everyone. When choosing which one to get for yourself, hold your impulses to make a decision just based on the shape – you might be eager to show your love for a giant flamingo or pizza, but although this is what makes floats so enjoyable, it is not the primary factor. You don’t have to consider your size for the lounging floats because they can all carry quite a bit of weight, but if you’re looking for a ring float, think ahead so that you don’t get something too small. Also, consider whether you’ll be using it alone or if you you’ll be sharing it with children, and lastly, you might want to check if some are simply too enormous for a smaller pool. Make sure to keep safety in mind, and check your pump to make sure it works well – there’s really no point to trying to inflate them manually. That’s it, be safe, be silly, have fun, and most importantly, treat yourself! Float the summer away and make some great memories.


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